Tankless America

Logo Design, Illustration, Website Design

Tankless America is a start-up company that specializes in hot water and whole home heating solutions using tankless hot water heater technology. I was hired to design the logo, illustrations, responsive website layout and functionality, and design all website assets. I then worked with front-end and back-end developers to bring the website to life.

Logo Design

I was first tasked with developing the branding for Tankless America. The client asked for a text based logo that included an icon using the letters “T” and “A”. The color choices of gray and orange were picked because the tankless hot water units main functionality is to heat water. The warm orange color represents the heating aspect behind the product.

Website Homepage Design

The website was design to inform new potential customers about how tankless hot water heaters work and the benefits of going tankless. I was tasked with designing the UI/UX for the entire website as well as finding all imagery, and creating all website assets/illustrations for the site. After mock-ups were finalized and approved for desktop and mobile layouts, I exported all assets and worked directly with front-end web developers to ensure the site design and functionality held true on all devices and screen sizes. During this process, I managed workflow, changes, and updates with front-end developers.

Mobile Homepage Design

Product Description Page Design

"Who We Are" Page Design