Lead Bucket (CRM)

UX/UI Design & Visual Design

Lead Bucket is a Lead Management System or (CRM) that can be used in almost any industry. I was tasked with developing a logo, brainstorming and then developing the user experience, and finally creating the visual look for the entire project. I began by designing wireframes and worked my way through all areas of the platform to ensure a smooth fluid experience for users. Lead Bucket has many features and a lot of the features work together. Ensuring the whole platform and it's functions were thought out in detail before moving forward was critical. After the framework was in place, I designed mock-ups for desktop and mobile applications to develop the visual identity for the system as a whole as well as each individual page. Once final mock-ups were approved, I worked directly with front-end and back-end programmers to ensure designs and functionality were accurate.

Logo Design

I started this project by developing the logo. The client asked for a simple icon that would represent the functionality of the platform. The "B" inside the bucket represents all the leads that are captured and then placed in one central location...the Lead Bucket.

Dashboard Wireframe

Lead Internal Wireframe


Settings & Navigation

Main Leads List Page

Internal Lead Page

Add/Edit User


Lead Bucket Mobile Sign-Up Website

Lead Bucket Desktop Sign-Up Website