Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Logo, Stationery Package & Safari Booklet

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park branding redesign is a concept design. Along with a new logo, I also created a stationery package and a 32 page animal identification booklet for the Lake Tobias animal safari tour.

Logo Process Presentation

Logo Design Process

The goal with this logo was to convey the Lake Tobias mission statement within the design. Their mission statement is to provide visitors with a educational yet exciting learning environment that promotes a positive family experience. Below you will see my process to accomplish their concept branding.

Font Research

Thumbnail Concepts

Vector Logo Thumbnails

Refining Final Design

Font & Color Choices

Adding Texture

Final Logo Design

I began this project by researching fonts, animals, and older African art. Once I gathered inspirations, I began to sketch out various ideas until I was comfortable enough to move a few ideas to the computer. I ended up focusing on the antelope outline and added a younger antelope into the design to signify the "positive family experience" from the mission statement. After finalizing the font, color, and design, I began to play with texture for the background by printing the logo and using a sharp tool to scrape away some of the ink. After playing with a few, I picked my favorite and scanned the design back into illustrator to achieve the final Lake Tobias logo seen below.

Stationery Package

32 Page Animal Identification Safari Booklet

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park has a lot of animals that are free to roam on a large amount of land. The park offers a wildlife safari tour to their guests. I decided to also design an animal identification booklet to help guests identify the animals that they could encounter on the tour. I developed the style and functionality of the book and gathered all imagery and information. For the final booklet, I printed, hand cut each page, and spiral bound the booklet together.

Safari Booklet Spreads