Ductless America

Logo Design & Website Design

Ductless America is a contractor network based exclusively around ductless cooling and heating solutions. I was tasked with designing a logo, website, and a "Build-Your-System" tool.

Logo Design

I was first tasked with developing the branding for Ductless America. The client asked for a text based logo that included an icon using the letters ā€œDā€ and ā€œAā€. The color choices of red were picked because red is associated with energy, strength and power.

Website Homepage Design

The main goal of this website is to inform the customer about ductless technology, engage the customer using the Build-Your-System tool, and generate leads for all Ductless America Contractor Network Members.The website would display the local Ductless America Contractor's information that is located in that specific customers area based on the customer zip code. I was tasked with designing the UI/UX for the entire website as well as finding all imagery and creating all website assets and illustrations. After mock-ups were finalized and approved for desktop and mobile layouts, I exported all assets and worked directly with front-end web developers to ensure the site design and functionality held true on all devices and screen sizes. During this process, I managed workflow, changes, and updates with front-end developers.

Mobile Homepage Design

"About Ductless Air Conditioning" Page Design

The "Build Your System" Tool

Along with a team who help conceptualize this process, I designed the Ductless America Build-Your-System tool UI/UX. The tool was developed so customers could build their own custom ductless cooling & heating solution from the comfort of their own home. Customer would start building their own systems by picking between a multiple room or single room system. Then would then pick between the 4 main styles of indoor units. They would then enter the dimensions of each room where they planned to install a indoor unit. Once all rooms are submitted, the customer would receive an estimate for their system install and be connected with the local Ductless America contractor in their area.

Ductless America Contractor Sign-up Website

I also designed a one page scrolling website for contractors to learn about Ductless America. The main goal of this site was to inform interested contractors about Ductless America and explain the benefits Ductless America could have for their company if they were to become a member. The contractor could then sign-up for a chance to join the Ductless America Contractor Network.